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Hello! My name is Joe Roe and today I'm going to show you my latest hack tool.
It's called MW3 MultiHack Tool and the best thing is: it is TOTALLY FREE!

Let me explain a bit about the program.
Firstly when you open Modern Warfare 3 and after opening it you open MW3 MultiHack Tool.
When you press hacks like aimbot it inject aimbot in your game and enables it, but when you press it again
it disables the hack.

The program is coded in Visual Basic 2010 and C++, Visual Basic for GUI and C++ for hacks.

The program is auto-updating! That means always when you open the program it automatically checks if there is
avaible update and downloads it straightly to your desktop! It uses simple method. It checks from my made
website if I have been updated it recently, it detects from version number if there is a reason to update.

File detection rate is 0/44 so there is NOT viruses in the program :)
You can find a short gameplay example with the hack at


*Auto Zoom
*Auto Fire
*Wallhack [ESP Boxes]
*Level 80 Hack
*Human Aimbot
*2D Radar
*Fire Through Walls
*Aim Through Walls
*No recoil
*Auto Knife
*Anti Kick
*Anti Ban

Download it now! And remember to check virus scan if you feel even a bit scared.

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